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?l??8/?/?????x - trawler fest- robbdorfmeyer from "passage maker" (a boating magazine) joins us live frrm the inner harbor - what is trawler fest? 3estt trawler fest oes through sundda at the inner harbor marina.for more information go to foxbaltimore dot com slash 3 3 3 coming up... bank f america customers fightinggback... agaanst a new debit card fee. fee."why do they need to charge us $5 a month just for usiig sooethhig we've used foo literally yyars without having fee??how many thoussnds of people... have signed a petition. 3and a orld-wide effort.... honoring the life of pple co-founder, steve jobs.what week from today.you're ... a - watching fox 45 mooning news.. all llcal.. all morning. ((break 2) testimony ccntinues today... murray... the doctor accused in michael jackson's death. the stand.elissa fleak ays she ttok this photo of jackson....after he died at the hospital. she also the singee's bedroom... nd in including a bottle of propofol. mmurry has pleaded not guilty to involuntary manssaughter.if convicted... he faces up toofour years behind bbrs. 3protest
...and whether the people who used to live there...will ever come back. "across the street, there are 1, 2, 3, 4 homes that are vacant...before the flood, they were full of people, one on right one on left are vacant, sometimes late at night you feel like you're the only one in town""my heart goes out to the people who can't go back to the town they grew up and the town they love" love"one presbyterian mission organization has already pledged money to help residents rebuild. the ravens earned another "w" last night.. over probably their biggest rival... other than the steelers. steelers.they took on the jets inside m and t bank stadium. with so many former players and coaches in new york... "gang green" was once... "purple and black."the ravens scored three touchdowns on defense... all off turnovers by new york jets quarterback... mark sanchez. jarret johnson scored on a 26- yard fumble return... and lardarious webb put the ravens up 34 to 17... in the third quarter by taking an interception 73 yards into the end zone.and that was the final score... ravens win. coach harbaugh says he was very im
"currre won't testify in his own defense.. he's accused of using his position &pto help shoppers food and warehouse get traffic ights &pand liquor licenses. maryland amilies haae beeen waiting for...about 70 national guard soldiers from maryland and virginia are returning home todaa... after almost a year of ssrving in afghanistan.the solliers aree from fort belvoir's 29th infantry division... and weee assisting nato in an effort to develop afghanistan's oww national security forces.most of the maryland soldiers are from he baltimore-washington area. when it comms to halloween... most of us ould be happy with a couple pieces of our favorite canny. p but here at fox45...we dream a little bigger. bigger. halloween contest... sponsoredd by ox45 and "warner brotters games". we're giving away a brand new x-box to one lucky viewer. t's all to kick game "lood of the rings.. waar in the norrh". it will be available for the xbox and ps-3 on yoo can win the game... and get qualified to win an x-box. stay tuned... later this morning. coming up... beyonce's bbby.whh leaked the person has to
is impressive, but it's not surprising. these companies want us so badly. [ laughs ] i'm felicia blow, and i earned my m.b.a. from strayer university. "it's downright evvl the identity of a 5 month old baby... is stolen.what you need to know so it doesn't happen to your child. "seven billion?""as in billion."" wowwww ." ."the world's population will hit seven billion people todayy how long it took us to gain the last billion people on the and... trrck or treat safely. before your kids knock on tors - thhir door tonight. 33 3 monday, october 31st 3 -3 3 map fiber map 3 3 we are following breaking newss put of nnrth baltimooe... firefighterr are on tte scene of a two alarm fire at the pount washington tavern.we have a crew on the way to the scene and will bring you the &pavailable. a possible electrocution is being inveetigated in northeasttbaltimore.the city fire department tells us it happened early this morning around oneeo'clock... on was taken to the hospital.no word yet on what caused the incident... or the condition of the person hurt. five years after their teenage family finally con
from the fund and used it for purposes other than transportation.now, roadssare funds to fix them. (10:56:05) (gus baumon) "the reality is the need iis billions and billiins of dollars. as far as i'm concerned i'd just like to get to second ase and see how we po...."(4:03:08) (holdss bin/gas tax) (audio) "gas is high enough as it is...." (4:20:21) (holds bin/gas tax) "every additional penny maaes a difference to us...." us...."while drivers are fuming at the idea....ttere is pne important recommendatton that's brings somm comfort... a constitutional amendmenn insuring transportation funds will never again be aideddand used for other purpooes. all of these recommendations will now go to the legislature who will have the final say. liveein north altimore, megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. 3 testimony continues today... in the manslaughter trial of doctor conrad murrry. murray.on tuesday... jurors heard the emotional testimony from cherilyn lee... the nnrse who treated jackson's insomnia. she testified that jackson him usiig propofol at home to induce sleep... was safe. j
.nick loffer... with americans for prosperity... will join us live in studio... to weigh in on the governor's plann for the special session.that's three people are stabbeddin dundalk after a fight at a rest. restaurant.it happened late saturday night in the parking lot of the seahorse inn.that's &pwhere a group got into a figh that escalaaed qqickly.three people ere stabbed... two seriously hurt.they were taaen to the ospital.the owner still can't believe it happened. 01:49:02 "there was no problems inside.... i still ddn't have all the detaiis..3 00::9:19-33 "my cussomers aree my priority....want to come in and make trouble." trroble." cussomers helped identify those involved for olice. investigators too to make surr is prosecuted. that knife... - also in dundalk... three people are recovering.. ..fter being wounded in a shooting in turner's station.it happened around 4:30 sunday afternoon... along mmin streee. another man suffered a leg injury.none of the injuries are life threatening. 3music musicfallen firefighters across the natiin were honored this weekend... in a memorial servic
. givens' mothee id not want to be on pamera with us... but thinks her on was killed to keep his mouth shut before he couud testify for theestatt in an upcoming trial. the woman who says she found giiens..... she ddos not want her identity to be revealedd 3 59:39 and i called him. he didn't reepond. checked his was. there was no pulse. and i just asked my daughterrto call 911 50 earlier this year - givens was charged with having his mother saas the gun actuaaly belonged to a maa e &phad picked up for a ride. the the case with two other drug ccarges in givens' past. according to givens' mother - he worked in shippinn for joseph a-banks for more than 10-years. she says he was laid off a few months go. live in towwon, joel d.. smith, foo 45 morning news. stay ahead of the crooks sttlling your neighborhood. sign up forrthe nntion's most popular crime website with over 300- thousand subscribers. only available from fox 45... at fox baltimore dot com. loved nes gathered to remember and say goodbye to a prominent couple... killed in a fire. &pfire.natss!!!! nats!!!!! many gathered at mo
. "may god forbid if some woman in your family, and you remember this day, you stopped us from seeking medical attention so that you could write the city a ticket or whatever violaaion.""ssr, i tried to explain everything to you and get some documentttion oo something.""i tried to show you my body. what else do you want me to show yoo?""do you want her to pull her brrasts out and show you?""that's not phat i want." called for an ambulance... the woman says she doesn't want to pay for it becauue the hospital is only two miles away. and while the police department saay the officer broke no rules... the situatiin could have been handled differently. m-c ammer ii taking on the pppular searchhenginee g. google.the rapper... turned ennrepreneur... is aunnhing a search enggne of his own.the project is called "wiredoo"... outperform populaa sites llke google and bing. he says a search would render nnt just direct results... but also information on possibly-related topicss wiredoo is sttll in development. ii's friday and that means pt's your turn to souud off on anything you want. want.let
...wasn't good football... didn'' execute ell...they beat us. us. tte ravens have a chancc to redeem themselves... at home sunday... against the arizona cardinals. ggme time ... one o'clock. that brings us to our question of the day:do youuttink the ravens can pull it together by you can also go to fox-baltimore dot com and tell us what yyu think... or sound off through facebook. send us a tweet.. at foxbaltimore. and you can text your answer to 45203. enter fox45a for yes.. or fox45b for no. some people will do anything for a littleeattention. attention...an arizona college student decided it would be a good idea to strip down in the middle of a football game.he's dressed as a ref... and tten &ptore it off during the middle did it to get onnthe t-v ys hh show.... áwipeout.áhis antics of rizona. m the university - coming up... the names of the jurors ii the casey anthony trial... will be released to thh public.why now... is the time to do so. you're wwaching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. ---ort discovery's fall-o-ween family festival on saturday --emily gracey is live with
in this case,, polcie are asking anyone with informmtion,,, &pplease contact us."> us.">police saa sukeforrh used a different name on facebook and lied to theeteens about his own age... claiming o be a teenager himself. he is noo charged with several sex offenses... includinn sexual soliiitation, and ppeverted practice. a plan to re-drawwmaayland's congressional districts... today.the house of delegates pave final approval to the govenor's mappbut opponentt say the map is desigged to oust g-o-p innumbaat roscoo partlett... who represents western maryland. (jones) "it was done very carefully, not willy nillyy it was done withii the ltter of the law within the votingg &prights act." act."(ccusser) "what does carroll county have in common with ocecan cciy? and they're going to be represented by the same person." persoo." the senate still needs to approve some minor hanges in the map.the redistticting bill ii expected to be signed into law.. today. one iowa couple defines the true meaning of "til death do us part." norma aad gordon yeager were maaried seventy-two years.just last we
on the corner got swwgga like us and... they'vv got so much swagger... that we got ahold oo one more pair of tickets. when we're giving away tickets to see jay z and kanye west 3 3 friday,,october 28th 3 fiber map some of you have already been caught red handed.but was that red light camera hat snapped your picture... there to save your life... or just make money.the debate is back in the spotlight.megan gilliland is live downtoon this morning at some red light cameras that are among those being questione. questiinee.good morning patrice, we're standing heee at the corner oo 83 aad fayette street... where this red light camera has beee flashing all morning.and speaking out aaout it... saying the way these ccmeras are controlled puts profits before people. people.last year nearly 200,000 red light camera tickets were handdd out in baltimore city... generating 75 dolllrs per ticket.those city and a private business he that actually installs and controls the tickets issued. but the issue at hand... is that the third party... is paid according to the number of tickets issued... and that's wh
to call police. amanna knox returnssto u-s soil today... after seeving four ears in an itallan prison. prison.on monday... a jury cleared knox and her former boyfrienn offmurder charges... in the death of her brittish roommate, meredith kercher. knox was sentenced to time served... and orderrd to pay compensation. the 24-year--ld as guards led her out of the pcurtroom.she is expeeted tt testimony continues today... in the trial oo conrad murray. he's the doctor charged with involuntary manslaughter... in michael jackssn's death. prosecutors argueethat murray failed to tell paramedics and doctors trying to resuscitate jackson... about the drugs in monddy... the jury heard from aa emergency room doctor... who worked to evive the singer... the day he died. 3&&pin your iscussions withh conrad murray id ever mention any other narcotics to you other than the apaphen or the &plorazepam?no. i specifically asked and his reply was negative. and he never meetioned propofol to you? absolutely not. not.the trial is expected to last at least four ore weeks. if convicted... muuray could spend u
. joel d. ssith is live there now with ore on the attack, using bleach. good morning joel d. good morning megan, this place was actually closed for a couple hours saaurday because of this incident, andd investigators say the pttack was the esult offan onnoing dispute between the &psuspect and the victim.... th victimms boyfriend is the father of the ssspect's child. vo rollcue: this attack was perl peesonal here ii that suspect, 33 year old theresa jefferson. police say just before eleven o'clock saturdayy morning jefferson followed this woman, now dating her ex, into the stooe and attacked &pher with bleach and pine-soll started figgting... and the two 28-year-old victii had to be taken to the hossital for bleach thrown in her yes. but because of the melee ... transporred ffr injuries - most customers sunday were in disbelief this happened right inside thh unfortunately, say seeing confrontations nowadays s common. -3 kenny wiggington3958 as far as releasing a hemical agent on ppl that's a little extreme, butti tell you, &pthat's the neighboohood, i've seen fights and arg
for an unreasonable search and seizure.arizona, indiana and laws. 3that brings us to our question of the day::hould welfare recipients be required to paas a drug test?we'll be taking hour. you can also go to fox-baltimore doo com and tell us what you thinkk...or sound a tweet.. at foxbaltimore. 3 the next big thing n space is being built in baltimore right now.........and you can see it. at least a full-ssalee model of it. it. joel d. smith is livv at the maryland sciince center with a replica of the &pjames webb telescope. 3 good morning patrice. 3 3 a week after being dropped from e-s-p-n's "monday night &pfootball"... hank williams junior is firing back.this time... he's targetingg""ox and friends"... the show that aired his controversial interview... wherr he compaaed president obama... to hitler. take a listen. listen."so fox and friends wanna put me down, ask for my opinion then twist it all around, supposed to be palking bout my fathers new cd, well twoocan play that gotcha game, just wait and see, on't tread on me." pe."the song isscalled "keep the change."he posted the
was getting more focused. joel d. smith is here now to show us how this searcc has germantown... to north carolina,,and back again. good morning joel dd 3 patrice, this search is now making national news as investigators try to find e's been missing now - show you now how this search has unfolded. it started ii germantown, where jane wednesday in her home. ast - áááááááááááááááá her car was missing, and immediately ppllce sent out an amber alert for her son, william mcquain. áááááááááááááá the car was found in north carolinn thursday morning at a hotel in charlotte. there, williaa's step father, curtii lopez was arrested and taken into custtdy. áacccrding tt a warrant obtained by a charlotte tv station, in that hotel room, áááááááááááááááááááápolice found a redit card belonging to jane mcquain.... nine 100 dollar bills, a bookbag and a last few days the n over the investigation haa returned to 33ntgomery county. 3 police have been in ccarksburg, with seaach dogs in the woods behind an empty 3 office build
sound off on anything yu want.about want..et us know what's oon yyur mind-- and your response could air in our "facebook feedback" segment. seggent.just go to facebook dot com slash foxbaltimore to become a fannand join the conversation. hotspot... . in our hometown &pit's a crafts show unlike any the maryland home and garden show. betty wwite ssng nats and at 89 years old... she's still ot it!a look t the new usic video....feaauuing he new former golden girl ...betty white.you're wtthing fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning. ((bump out)) ((break 1)) 3 --maayland home and garden show at the maayland state fairgrounds--brian santos... plso known assthe "wall wizard"... is live with the details on this morning's homettwn hotspot--update, rrmodel, redecorrte, and landscapp our ---undreds of home this fall landscape your redeccrate, and --update, remodel, contractors in --juried craft --exhibits on food, travel, fittess 3 the maryland home and garden show is t the maryland state fairgrounds through sundaa.for &pmore information, log on to fox baltimore dot com slash morning. w
to many. tonight's fundraiser willlbe used to assist in his burial expenses.the universitt is transpoot students to his funeral in new jersey. frienns, family, aad neighbors gathered sunday.. to remember a man struck aad killed on the street outside his home. neighbors say charlie valentine was a lovingg friday nightt around 8:30... valentine was tanding on the side of bero road in lanndowne... talkiig to a friend, when suddenly a tractor trailer cameeby and hit him.the victim's wife wass nearby... and heard the commotion.she says the driver to get away, but neighbors wouldn't let ttat happen.they stood in front of the vehicle pntil policeearrived. 01:27 "so when i heaad screaming.... charlie gotthit, charlie gotthit."01:42 "the tractor traillr guy was trying &pfront....because he was tryin to leave."02:47 "i have a justice for my husband."05:53 "this was murder. not an accid" accident."valentineewas later taken to alentine was not an a" accidenn."05:53 "this was murder. nnt an accident." accident." valentine was later takee too shock trauma... wwere he died. all is fine now, but
. this classically, these accidents take seconds to happen, it will take months for us to figure out what actually caused it." the only passenger unable to escape from the helicopttr as it sank.three survivorssare in the hospital. the fourth was treated at the scene. a pennsylvania family is recovering after a bear attacked them... in their own living room. room.here's the damage left behind... at the moyer families hooe in marysville. they say they heard a noise outside... and then suddenly a bear ran into their house chasing the famiiy dog.the familyyattacked thh bear and tried to drive it outside... but reeeived serious bbte woouds during the struggle. 52 richard moyer jr. says:"the bear hit her going put...dragged her outside i went outside to see the bear on top of her and i dove onto the bear."richard moyer jr says.:"and that's when the &pbearrstarred tearing the ack of my head open." rangerr are still hunting ffr the bear. coming up... some bad neww... "aaele."adele song nats naas wwy she suudenly had to cancel... her u-s tour. you're watccing fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morni
's mmgazine lovv deen's liberal use of butter... maxim opted for a stick of butter in place of coming up... one man's extreme easures... tt look ore llke his favorite super hero.what he's had donee.. and the procedureehe's you'rr watching fox 45 morning news.. all llcal.. all morning. (((ump out)) ((break 1)) i will awaken you with a song. i will present your world, at a glance. i will remain untangled and uncomplicated. and let nothing or no one go unnoticed. all from one. all for you. i am the new rhyme by htc. only from verizon. college park, maryland ace in - --meeeorologist emily graceyy is live with the deeails on this morning's hometown hotspot --located within the newly varsity, bbp pressnts an array of burgerssinspired by booby's extensive travels throughout america and his love of the grill in a convenient casual seg setting pobbb's burger palace is on ballimore avenue in college park.foo more information, log slash mornnng. 3 3 3 map fiber map 175 map old court map havee ou seen this boy?tte search... for 11-year-old william mcquian.and the mysterrous turn t took... last
... from a raging fire. 3&p"we just have a gulf that separrtes us." but next... the ennire season cculd be in jeopardy... for bbsketballlffns. what needs to happen... before the llckout is lifted. you're all ocal.. all morning. -33l?l??8/?/?????x man: my employer had been putting together a program for executive education, grooming the leadership abilities of their top 5%. a requirement to be accepted in the program was an undergraduate degree, which i did not have. that was the wake-up call i needed. ♪ don't want to miss a thing strayer university has afforded me the opportunity to progress to the level that i am now, which is chief information officer at the largest teaching hospital in southern new jersey. i'm michael sinno, and i earned my bachelor of science degree from strayer university. anyonn with plans to go to an n-b-a game next onth, will have to ethink those plans.as ttmmy andres eeplains... the regular seassn will not start on timee ffer players ann owners failld to reach aa deal. "we remain eally very, very far apart, on virtually all issues."it's not
the microscope again aaout how taxpayer dollars.this time it's about money being used offiies. fox45 discovered ice. million ollar overhaul of the department f transportation office might cost the taxpayers 200- thousand ollars... more than orginally planned.the xtra waste watch investigation. city officiils defeeded the extra fundss.. but others are quessioninn itt 11:49:27"in order to move into smaller offcies from 3 fllors po 2, offiies et smaller aadd when offices et smaller you pay for new furniture"11:49936 12:37:20"they don't need t, the rec centers and the kids need it"12:37:24 12:37:24city offiiials say the renovations will save money in the loon run by cuttinggthe depprtment of transportatton. residents in ohio are being told to stay inside this morning... after dozenssof exotic animals escape their en. columbus ... near zanesville... police say the owner of tte aniials was found deed... and it appears the animals were let oot. here's what police sayyttey're on he lookout for. 3 "mainly, there -- there were grizzly bears and black bears there. uh, there were cheetaas; uh,
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21